360° Feedback
360° Feedback is nowadays very widespread. A carefully constructed, methodologically accurate and wide ranging feedback process supports the individual development of employees in their roles and provides collective improvement toward a desired leadership culture. Successful feedback projects begin with well-considered questionnaires and tool production that fits with the company's goals and objectives.

What HR-Meter can offer to your business:
  • Extensive project design and consulting from Kick-off to Follow-Up
  • A well-established questionnaire that can be individualized also includes latest economic and scientific findings
  • Providing an online survey tool which is intuitive, modern in its design and also applicable for mobile devices
  • Implementation of communication concepts
  • Elaborate comprehensible reports that can be tailored to your needs
  • A professional and sustainable follow-up-process through our experienced Coaches, e.g. individual consulting, team building measures.

  • Feel free to contact us at info@hr-meter.com